About Us

Pineapple Lane’s Mission

What began as a limited and urgent response to an immediate crisis has evolved into a permanent order portal providing continuous print production in collaboration with newly established children’s imprint Pineapple Lane, HP inc, print provider Precision Proco, site creator Infigo, and many others to come. The portal enables us to print books with your generous support and distribute them directly through a large network of experienced partners such as the UK’s National Literacy Trust to children who have been displaced because of conflict. The portal is the first of its kind in the world.

In the future when children find themselves in crisis where a book in their hands can make all the difference, Pineapple Lane and our partners will be there to help. Now you can join us!

For more information contact

Gracie Cooper
Director Pineapple Lane

Ashley Gordon
Publishing Market Development Manager
HP, Inc.